Crewing For Morning Magic

We Love Our Awesome Crew!  Without Crew, Ballooning Would Be Impossible.

Crew members play an integral part in the sport of ballooning.  They  help the pilot prepare for flight by assisting with the lifting and assembly of the balloon for flight.  But more importantly by providing extra sets of hands and eyes to check and double check systems to ensure a safe flight.

After the balloon lifts off, the crew begins chasing the balloon keeping the pilot informed of ground conditions including wind direction and speed. This information is helpful to the pilot as he picks a safe and recoverable landing spot. 

It is important crew members drive safely while navigating roads and access points being respectful of landowner relations.

Upon landing, the crew meets the balloon helping deflate and pack the balloon before traveling back to the place of origination.

Hot Air Balloonatics LLC  and our balloon, Morning Magic is nice mix of recreational ballooning and commercial balloon ride operations.  Our crew for commercial rides are the same crew when we just balloon for fun.  Many of our crew have been with us for more than 10 years!  Tips from paying passengers go toward repaying our crew through free flights, meals, and free family flights in appreciation for their help. We love showing our appreciation for our crew’s commitment and hard work by inviting them to ride along at no cost.

Beginning to Crew does not take any type of special skill or knowledge, just an interest in having fun and learning about ballooning. If you come crew with us, we’ll teach you what you need to know.  We do ask the following of our crew:

  • Stay focused on the task at hand. The safety of the passengers may be in your hands.
  • If you have committed to be here, don’t cancel or be late. We can’t fly without crew so most likely we are counting on you being here.
  • Be polite to passengers and help us share the wonders of ballooning with this community.
  • Be respectful of landowners and help us build and keep good relations with our community.
  • Jump in and help in every way you can.  Many hands make light work.
  • Have Fun!

If you are interested in joining our crew, please contact Buzz at 505-750-1750.