Buy A Ride


When you have confirmed the date of your ride, the office will contact you for your credit card information.  In the event that weather or safety issues preclude the flight from occuring, you will not be charged for the flight and the charges will be removed from your credit card the following business day.
Cancellation Policy:
1) We consider the safety of our customers as a non-negotiable priority. If the wind is over seven miles per hour, the manufacturer of the balloon does not recommend launching. We realize that feels like a “gentle breeze”, but it really is the upper limit of a comfortable landing!

2) If you do not show up for the flight, you will be charged. When we book your flight, we turn away any additional opportunities to “sell” that day or flight.

3) We cannot guarantee the duration of a flight. Our goal is to have our flights last forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. When we fly in Albuquerque, longer flights are very common. Even though the Moreno Valley (Angel Fire) is a long narrow valley, we are usually able to have a successful flight. However, if the wind shifts and we start blowing towards the trees, we land prior to approaching the tree line. Again, your safety is a non-negotiable issue.

Rides in Albuquerque: $150 per person
Rides in Angel Fire: $250 per person