Book A Ride

Booking a ride is simple:

Call our office at 505-750-1679.  One quick call will verify your reservation and allow you to answer any questions.  If you book online, your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email or text.

(HINT: Book your rider early in your trip.  For example, if you are going to be in town Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, book your flight on Monday or Tuesday.  If the winds don't cooperate, we can will try and reschedule you for the following morning!)

After your ride space is confirmed you will be sent a text with the location, time and general information.  If you don't have this text the day before the flight, PLEASE CALL!  We launch from several locations and we would hate to have you show up at the wrong place and miss your flight!

Cancellation Policy:
Albuquerque is usually a great place to fly the balloon.  Winds are calm and landings are gentle.  However, Mother Nature sometimes teases us with weather that is not conducive to safe ballooning.  Therefore, because our flights are so dependant on wind and weather for safety, we may have to cancel your flight.   It disappoints us just as much as it does you.  However, SAFETY is our number one priority and as a fellow Pilot told me, "we would rather break your heart than break your leg."


Cancellation Policy:
Flights cancelled due to weather will not be charged. Cancellations due to no-show will be charged.