Albuquerque Balloon Rides

We offer semi-private hot air balloon rides in Albuquerque. We never have more than four passengers in our gondola and the result is a much more personalized ride. If you want to stay low and talk to the neighbors as we drift lazily across the City, the choice is yours! If you want to climb so you can see thousands of square miles of New Mexico landscape, the choice is yours! We are a small balloon company that really tries to create a personalized experience for our guests! We offer pick up service from hotels, great flights, First Flight Celebrations, Champagne toasts, a traditional New Mexico "treat"and a "first flight commemorative pin. Because we are small, frequently our guests join us for a post flight breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast spots and we share stories about the flight and develop friendships! We hope you join us! Albuquerque is the Balloon Capital Of The World"! Most every day you can see six or seven balloons launching during the early morning as the sun comes over the Sandia Mountains We love to fly in Albuquerque because the weather is usually great! We love sharing our sport with riders who have never had a chance to get this particular "Bucket List" item checked off!

Angel Fire Balloon Rides

From May to October, we fly at Angel Fire Resort on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, weather permitting. Launching from Angel Fire Airport approximately 30 minutes after sunrise. This gives us the best chance for an amazing ride over the Moreno valley

One of our first Guests! She has a video blog and created this video. She sent it to me after the flight!